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Life Transitions

Josh Flowers, MA, LPC, LAC
Professional Counselor | Addiction Counselor
Offering discounted rates to international expats, migrants, and refugees in Berlin and around the world. Supporting those who are experiencing major life transitions.

Life Transitions


Honor the space between no longer and not yet Nancy Levin

Life, every moment of each day, provides opportunities for us to transition. The popular saying, "Change is the only constant," reminds us that change is really all there is, from one moment to the next. What is not certain, is that we will allow these changes to transform us—to help us become the person we desire to be. As William Bridges points out in his insightful book Transitions, we can easily get caught up in the discomfort of change, hoping that things will soon be different, and miss out on the valuable opportunity that change allows for, if we choose to move through the process with awareness. 

Often changes can blindside us, leaving us in a state of mental and emotional paralysis. Distracted in this way, it becomes extremely difficult to navigate through the confusing period, let alone derive any sense of meaning or growth-opportunity from the experience. We forget that we have options. However, we always have a choice about how we respond to new circumstances, even if they seem to have been forced upon us.

Moving to a new country, relationships, changes in health, the ageing process, cultural shifts, financial situations, career pursuits—these and many other transitions are ripe with moments in which we can choose a healthy response, and by doing so, can learn and grow from the experience.

As a counselor, I seek to help individuals pay attention to the often subtle possibilities inherent in the changes they are facing. Together, we can explore options that will help you move through the phases of transition: endings/letting go, the neutral zone/pausing, and new beginnings/fresh starts.



Support Through the Stages of Transition

  • Closure and letting go
  • Finding your footing during the often chaotic period between letting go and new beginnings
  • Exploring the nebulous space between "no longer and not yet."
  • Establishing a plan, goals, and action steps
  • Embracing change and new beginnings
  • Ceremony and ritual to acknowledge each phase of a transition

I Currently have a few spots available for expats. I am offering these counseling sessions at a 25% Discount.


To find out more about my therapeutic approach and background, please read About Josh.
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