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Josh Flowers, MA, LPC, LAC
Professional Counselor | Addiction Counselor
Offering support for those in recovery from a variety of addictions. Using mindfulness skills and behavioral modification techniques to help you find freedom. 



Changing addictive patterns can be a major challenge. The more we learn about recovery, the more we realize it is not as simple as, “Just quit already.” 

It requires a rewiring of our brain. Yet, we are more than a brain. We are social and spiritual beings. Experiencing healing, then, requires a multi-layered approach. It helps to make new connections in the brain, but this is even more effective when combined with human connection: support from a therapist, family member, friend, spiritual community, and/or support group. 

I would welcome the opportunity to be a part of your support as you discover your path to recovery.

Recovery can look one of two ways:

Abstinence—Substance (or other addictive behavior) free

Moderation or Harm Reduction—Choosing to use (or engage in other behaviors) mindfully, to avoid the negative impacts

If you can envision either of these for your own life, then you can begin to create steps toward making it a reality.

Rather than only focusing on relapse prevention, we will put more energy into creating the life you would like to live. The same principal that applies to learning to ski can work in recovery. During those initial runs down the slope, you don’t focus on the trees you want to avoid or before you know it you are becoming intimate with those trees in a very painful way. Focusing too much on what you are trying to avoid can be a recipe for relapse.

As you are able to integrate recovery tools, draw on the strengths you already have, and regain control of your behaviors, the next step often involves an inner transformation. This is an opportunity to explore and uproot the underlying causes of addictive patterns. 

Through transpersonal or spiritual experiences, you can begin to integrate a deeper understanding of your addictions and embrace a healthier relationship with these old patterns that no longer serve you. Through guided visualizations and specific mindfulness practices you can cultivate a space for these experiences to unfold. 


To find out more about my therapeutic approach and background, please read About Josh.
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